Who are we?

TAVARLIN GmbH is a young company that specialises in the provision of optimal nutrition to people with cancer. TAVARLIN AG was founded in 2007, but since October 2016 we operate under TAVARLIN GmbH.
A dedicated team works passionately to develop and to distribute products based on the latest scientific findings regarding nutrition in Oncology. Please have a look at our Online-Shop to see for yourself.

Where do we come from?

It all started with the hypothesis of Nobel laureate Otto Warburg and its further development by means of numerous studies. Based on these insights, TAVARLIN started to develop special functional foodstuffs that efficiently support the chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy by sensitising tumour cells whilst in a certain metabolic condition. The basic principles of the product developments for our nutritional therapy make out the diet following the Coy principle.

Many years of research were necessary to convince the scientific community – now we step into a new era of cancer treatment.

Dr. Johannes Coy, founder of TAVARLIN AG

Where are we going?

Increasing scientific acknowledgement encourages us to continue to pursue this chosen way consistently. We are constantly expanding our range of therapy-supporting and functional foods that provide real added value to our customers. It is important to us to be a supporting force in the prevention, the treatment and the follow-up care.