Supportive nutritional therapy

Our core competence: We support the nutrition of cancer patients in all stages of cancer treatment – from preparation through the therapy time to follow-up care and relapse prevention.

Follow-up care &
relapse prevention

In the process, we place special emphasis on our liquid feeds, on the one hand, to facilitate the changeover to the ketogenic metabolism before therapy and, on the other hand, to be used for their de-acidifying effect during the follow-up care.
For a long-term ketogenic or greatly reduced carbohydrate diet during the follow-up care, TAVARLIN has developed special products that provide an optimal nutrient composition for cancer patients.

Therapy preparation

Sensitisation of cancer cells with the Keto drink

To accompany a standard cancer therapy, our Keto drink is a dietary food supplement that, in a supportive way, influences the metabolism in combating tumours while maintaining a simple nutritional scheme.
Many cancer cells show a modified energy metabolism. Instead of nutrient combustion in the mitochondria, they exploit the aerobic glucose fermentation, whereby the cancer cells are protected from formation of radicals and apoptosis and are more resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Publications and field reports from medicine and science show again and again that fasting immediately before chemotherapy can amplify their therapeutic effect and diminish side effects. However, the renunciation of nutrition not only poses an enormous physical challenge to the cancer patient, but also carries the risk that important nutrients lack which are needed to strengthen the body during therapy.

Keto-Drink Fenster

A temporary switch-over to a calorie-rich ketogenic nutrition shortly before and during the treatment produces an effect similar to a metabolic state when fasting, but does supply the body, nonetheless, with valuable energy and protein.

Therapy preparation with the Keto drink

The Keto drink supports the therapeutic preparation as follows:

  • Switching the organism over to a ketogenic metabolism for the possible sensitising of the cancer cells for the standard therapy.
  • Stabilisation of the organism of patients with malnutrition

We treated 9 patients with end-stage pancreatic cancer and 11 patients with advanced small cell lung cancer. In 80% of these cases we found a positive therapeutic effect.

Prof. Dr. G. André-Banat MBA on his case application study at the Wetterau Health Centre, Bad Nauheim

The special plus is that, while healthy body cells, after a brief transition, can effectively extract energy from fats, the ketogenic nutrition deprives cancer cells of their main source of energy. They are weakened and are more vulnerable to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

A simple intake regimen before and during therapy facilitates the uncomplicated switch-over to a ketogenic diet. Thus, the patient can prepare himself for the therapy through the short-term intake of Keto drinks without much effort and bother to achieve an optimal supply of nutrients. It relieves the psyche, which is already heavily burdened by the diagnosis and therapy.
More information about the Keto-drink can be found on

Therapy support

Support between the treatment cycles: Deacidification with lactate drink

The changed cancer cell metabolism and the increased cell death due to the treatment cause the accumulation of acids in the blood. We support the natural deacidification with our mild, but slightly sour tasting mixed drinks with high lactate content. Thereby we remain faithful to our principles of a greatly carbohydrate-reduced and almost sugar-free diet to prevent the cancer cells from receiving any energy.

The lactate intake is broken down in the body into a base. In the blood, this base contributes to the buffering of the acids.

Oil mixtures and anti-carcinogenic agents

Particularly high-quality vegetable oil blends with valuable omega-3 fatty acid, easily digestible and ketone-body-forming MCT fats, antioxidative vitamin E (tocotrienols and tocopherols) as well as effective, secondary phytochemicals are an essential part of our ketogenic diet, in other words, a greatly carbohydrate-reduced diet. In this way, the body is provided with important energy, useful nutrients and active ingredients.

We have compiled specific dietary supplements with anti-carcinogenic substances in high bio-availability based on sound scientific evidence. Cancer causes an increased demand for vitamins, minerals and other elements in the body, which can no longer be covered by the normal diet. To support the body to combat the tumour in the best possible way, an additional intake of, for example, antioxidants or also probiotics can be meaningful.

Follow-up care & relapse prevention

Sugar alternatives

Sugar is a major energy supplier to cancer cells and should therefore largely disappear from the dining plan. However, a carcinogenic effect is often attributed to artificial sweeteners on the other hand. Alternatives can be sugar derivatives with a low glycaemic index. They do not burden the blood sugar level or when, then only slightly, and are not only calorie poorer but also dental friendly.

These special sugars are available in single product form at TAVARLIN and have already been processed in finished products, like for example sweet spreads.

Low-carb products

Foods low in carbohydrates strengthens the relapse prophylaxis.
At TAVARLIN you will find specially manufactured and purchased foodstuffs, which are ideal for a ketogenic or greatly carbohydrate-reduced nutrition. In this manner, the compilation of the daily dining plan is simplified. The products selected by TAVARLIN can be trusted fully. Their content and taste comply with the TAVARLIN claim of quality and sustainability.